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choreographer / director 

Misguided Women, Short (director)

Blessing" Short (director, writer)

Now What" Short (director, writer)

Getting To Know You" Short (director, writer)

Woman" Short (director) (winner - latin film festival)

There Is No Place That Does Not See You” Short (director / choreographer)

This Tempting Madness, Feature (Intimacy Choreographer)

Driven, TV Series (Season 1 & 2) (Intimacy Choreographer)

The Present, Feature (Intimacy Choreographer)

Last Summer of Nathan Lee, Feature (Intimacy Choreographer)

The Golden Door, Feature (Intimacy Choreographer)

Bicycle Birthday” Moving Arts Theatre Company  Live Theatre (director)

Prom Time Out” TCG Theatre Festival, Los Angeles  Live Theatre (director)

Chak-Gya Dance & Co. - Live Theatre & Video Installation (choreographer / dancer)

Catherine Sullivan & Co. -  Live Theatre & Video Installation(choreographer / dancer)

Covita Dance Troup, Chicago Live Theatre (choreographer / dancer)

solo + two person video installation exhibitions

2016 Body Of Research, Sloan Projects, Bergamot Station, Curator Hannah Sloan

2014 SEAM Choreographers Symposium, Sydney Australia 2014 Robert Berman Gallery, Los Angeles California


group video installation exhibitions

2017 Nasty Women, Knockdown Center, New York

2016 LACE, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, "From Without From Within", Curator, Micol Hebron

2016 Start UP Art Fair, Los Angeles, Curator Ray Beldner

2015 We Choose Art, A Feminist Perspective, 

2015 Start UP Art Fair, San Francisco, Curator, Ray Beldner
2015 Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles California 2015 MFA gallery, Portland Oregon
2015 Gallery One, Portland Oregon
2015 “Space & Identity” 511 Building, Portland Oregon 2015 511 Building, Portland Oregon
2014 Art | Basel, Mukwonago Wisconsin



"Seeing" with Guta Galli, Curator Walter Maciel

Start UP Art Fair with Steve-Micahels-Art, Curator, Ray Beldner

Robert Berman Gallery with Steve-Michaels-Art, Curator Robert Berman

Save Chain Reaction, Santa Monica Auctions, Robert Berman Gallery, Curator Robert Berman

Devised individual choreography for Catherine Sullivan & Co.                                                                                                                          Volksbuhne Theatre Berlin Germany/  L’Opera de LyonLyon France/ Metro Pictures Gallery / UCLA Hammer Museum    




Catherine Sullivan & Co. (featured in)
ART 21, Catherine Sullivan & Co. (featured in)



Cal Arts, visiting artist, film school

IDSA, school of acting, teacher, showcase director, London/Los Angeles

Columbia College, Hollywood, teacher, film school

Art Institute San Francisco, guest lecture, film school
North West Dance Co., teacher, Portland Oregon

Pacific Northwest College of Art, Screenwriting Teachers Assistant to Professor Caitlin Kunkel 

Cal Arts, Los Angeles, Dance Teaching Assistant to Marvin Tunney 
Cal Arts, Los Angeles, Acting Teaching Assistant to Craig Belknap



California Institute of the Arts, B.F.A. Theatre / Dance / Performance
Pacific Northwest College of Art, M.F.A. Visual Studies / Video Installation

intimacy coordinator training

Intro to Intimacy Workshop, IDC Professionals (UK school)

Intimacy Work For Actors, Intimacy Professionals Association (USA school)

Bystander Intervention, Trilant Inc.

Informed Consent, IACET HIPPA Exams

Diversity Inclusion Training, UDEMY Academy

Sexual Harassment Training, UDEMY Academy

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Training, UDEMY Academy


grants / awards


Choreographers Symposium, Australia

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