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        Spirit Beats                        Faith based Y.A. feature                Writer/Director  Jen Yeuroukis

House Of Culture

1 hour drama

live action

Inspired by real events, “House Of Culture” is set in the fringe cities of France, circa 1999. As the world teeters on the cusp of a portable technology explosion another story is blooming in a tiny basement in the 12th arrondissement and engulfing JEN, a young American dancer, thrust into an avant-garde “dance” group. Frustrated with the realization that the group she was invited to work with might be more chaos theory than legitimate art, she must decide if the struggle to stay and make a name for herself in the art world is worth the fight.


Jen Yeuroukis

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Kizy & Me                      a love story

short documentary film

live action / animation

A disabled woman discovers a new level of love as she is faced with the reality that her elderly service dog can no longer perform her duties. 

Executive Producer Malia Levin   

Director/ Producer Jen Yeuroukis

Animation By  Renata Gasiorowska

Music Composer Jeff Charbonneau

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trouble saves the day

Feature Film

Action Adventure

Young Adult

Riley Chase, a 17 year-old punk princess, runs away from home looking to escape life with her father, an overbearing FBI agent. But instead of running away to freedom, she runs right into the middle of one of her dad’s investigations - a hostage crisis disguised as a remote island party. With the FBI unable to reach the island, Riley’s dad must ask his surly teen for help, if he can do that - Riley just might save the day.

                                 FYRE FESTIVAL meets DIE HARD

Writer Kristine Namkung

Director - TBD

Metropolis Films Co Production

30% cash incentive Uruguay

Small Island

1/2 hour comedy
created by Jen Yeuroukis and Quentin Lee

MEGAN Likely, 30's, a bubbly pilates teacher, has never had trouble with roommates ...until today.  With the accidental death of her last roommate and best friend, PRINCE, Megan isn't sure what to do with the empty room and her broken heart. So she tries her hand at the short term rental trend and opens a business renting Prince's old room to temporary guests. It's a lucrative and brilliant idea until Megan realizes that Prince might be dead but his ghost is very much alive.   

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